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20 Reasons to Work from Home

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There’s been quite a bit of chatter in the news over the last few years about working from home. Some companies fully support remote working – and in many ways, it’s become more common than big offices filled to the brim with employees and cubicles. Some companies have pulled back on working from home, requiring employees to return to the office in the name of collaboration and productivity. But, here’s the thing: most employees are actually more productive when they work from home. They work hard, they get things done and use alternate ways to collaborate. It’s pretty incredible, really. If you’re thinking it’s about time you shift gears and you want to propose to your boss some remote hours – you aren’t alone and surprisingly, you may find yourself getting motivated to work even harder. Here’s a look at 20 reasons to work from home.

20 Reasons to Work from Home


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  1. There are fewer distractions. No more chatting at the coffee maker or by your cube – it’s just you.
  2. You’ll be more focused on results.
  3. Your productivity will skyrocket. No more commute – you’ll start working first thing.
  4. You’ll save on mileage and gas money.
  5. You’ll be a happier and more content employee.
  6. You’ll be less inclined to take sick days.
  7. You’ll have a chance to get in shape. Rather than hitting the fast food line for lunch, you can make walking or running your new lunch time activity.
  8. You’ll also eat healthier – no more takeout, you can make breakfast and lunch at home.
  9. Which also means, you’ll save money.
  10. You can make your work environment exactly what you want it to be – no more cube life.
  11. You’ll have an incredible work/life balance when you stop spending all of your free time commuting.
  12. You’ll have more time with your kiddos and get to see them get on and off the bus for school each day.
  13. You can make your health your priority.
  14. You’ll be a better team member and much more focused on your performance as an employee.
  15. You’ll save your employer money on your office space and office costs.
  16. You’ll feel the benefits and stick with the same job for the long haul (employers love that!).
  17. Your family will love having you around more (the pets too!).
  18. You can enjoy things like a sunny day or a quick trip to the gym over lunch.
  19. No more stressing about scheduling things like doctors appointments or getting something repaired at home – you’ll be able to work around it.
  20. You’ll be happier.

Have you ever had the option or thought about working from home? It really does have some pretty great perks.


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