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10 Rules For The Remarkable

Are you ready to be remarkable?  Here are 10 rules that will help you be the best in every situation:

10 Dating Rules You Can’t Ignore

1. Give more than you take.

2. Be the most optimistic person you know.

3. Your work and personal life reflect your standards and self-worth.

4. Business is about relationships.  If you don’t understand people, you don’t understand business.

5. See your work as a craft, not just a job.  Practice every day.

6. Remember that whether you’re building a business or growing a family, you’re a creative artist.

7. Be the first to greet others vs waiting to be greeted.

8. Blaming others is excusing yourself.

9. Enjoy possessions but don’t be owned by them.

10. Inspire your teammates to become a good leader.

How To Lead By Example



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