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6 Proven Ways to Advance Your Communication Skills

communication skills

To be successful in life, you must be prepared to grow and finesse your communication skills. The most influential leaders in the world owe a lot of their success to learning how to communicate effectively.

1. Speak without words.

Communicate your words via physical cues, clear pronunciation, and confident posture. Move around the space, speak with your hands, and make eye contact.

2. Over communicate.

When delivering new information, be sure to over communicate and repeat important messages as I do in my stage speeches at our conventions. Repetition helps people to absorb information.

3. Ask for feedback.

Constructive feedback is one of the most powerful self-development tools we have access to via our peers. Utilize it to perfect your communication talents.

4. Engage the masses.

Make your speeches interactive. People are so much more engaged when they’re interacting with your presentation.

5. Give an info sandwich.

Start and end with the kep points you’d like to get across to your audience.

6. Learn how to read your audience.

The ability to feel out your audience allows you to time jokes ideally, and adapt your delivery to engage the masses.

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