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Introducing The Modern Luxury Collection From Layered

Last year, my daughter launched a gorgeous jewelry line perfect for layering your favorite pieces. We’ve loved seeing you stack and layer the dainty pieces and we’re excited to announce a new collection! You will find the most gorgeous rings, statement necklaces and of course, the perfect layering pieces.

Creator, Amber Ridinger-McLaughlin, set out to create a line of jewelry that allows women to create their unique style and celebrate their own beautiful layers. Inspired by her own multi-layered life as a busy mom, trendsetter, entrepreneur and influencer, provides a platform that encompasses all your business needs. We’re excited to show off a gorgeous new site and new collection today.

Shop the new collection now on!

If you’re an UnFranchise Owner, this is another great brand to leverage from Market America | SHOP.COM and here’s why.

  • First impressions count! The quality user experience now provides will create new brand loyal customers and keep your existing clients coming back for each new launch.
  • Quality over everything.  Our CARE section on the website lets you know what our jewelry is made of.  In an industry where cutting corners to cut prices is common, we pride ourselves in being transparent.
  • Host a trunk show! You AND your customers can host a virtual trunk show, opening up even more doors for business success!
  • Financial Opportunity. The Business Volume each layered piece provides is exceptional, allowing you to build your own luxurious lifestyle!
  • Navigation is key. With category pages you can find each product with ease. Creating the ideal consumer experience.

For more details, follow Layered on Instagram and Facebook.


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