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WATCH: Fat Joe’s Interview with NBC 6

Fat Joe NBC 6 Interview

I am still reeling from the amazing experience I had at this year’s Market America World Conference in Miami, Florida. It was such an incredible week and I am so inspired to get out there and continue growing my own business. The energy at the conference was palpable and the amount of success in that room…unparalleled! I have to admit, I loved every minute of it. But one thing that has really started to set the recent years apart from the rest is the addition of a very special friend to our Executive Team.

Fat Joe NBC 6 Interview

Fat Joe recently came on board as the President of Urban and Latino Development for Market America – and, boy has he already made his mark. He’s made it his mission to help make all of the incredible opportunities available at Market America available to the Latino and African American community. And, you know what? He’s done a brilliant job. When I looked out into the audience and saw the widespread diversity of our Market America community, I was nearly moved to tears.

WATCH: Fat Joe’s Interview with NBC 6

Just before the show, Fat Joe sat down with NBC 6 In the Mix with Roxanne Vargas in Miami to discuss his role and the importance of diversity at our company. Take a look at his interview, here:

Fat Joe comes from a Cuban and Puerto Rican background and his heritage is a driving force in his life. Joining our team to lead the efforts of Latino Development at Market America was a natural fit – and, I am so glad he’s along for this ride. Just like he said, “how many people in our country today can afford to buy a house, least of all those who have emigrated here and are struggling just to make ends meet?”

Coming on board, Fat Joe has not only embraced the spirit of entrepreneurship, but he’s made it his mission to show Latino’s with a similar background as him how they too can become an UnFranchise Business Owner and really make the most out of their lives. He said it’s a powerful business and that nothing stops him from “Being proud to be part of Market America.”

“Market America will teach you how to change your life,” says Fat Joe. And, you know what? He’s absolutely right. I couldn’t be more proud of the thousands of entrepreneurs who have joined the Market America family and are turning their dreams into reality – it’s incredible! Thanks, Joe, for being our friend and business partner, but more than anything for sharing your love of entrepreneurship with the Latino community.

If you missed Market America World Conference this year, but you want to learn more – check out #MAWC2017 for some of the highlights on Social Media.


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