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Q&A with Fashion Designer Denisse M. Vera

Denisse M Vera Fashion Designer

There’s something magical that happens when a woman combines her talent, drive, passion, and determination into one project – the end result is often breathtaking. Just entering her mid-twenties, fashion designer Denisse M. Vera is a prime example of just the right combination of those factors – her clothing have an ethereal quality to them that transcend basic fashion. You may have seen her work on Amber, who wore the designer’s Elixis dress to none other than Jennifer Lopez’s birthday dinner. But Denisse has dressed beauty queens and bloggers alike as she makes a name for herself in the industry with her unique macramé-inspired designs. I was so taken by her story and early success, I asked her to share some of her thoughts with my audience knowing that you’ll be just as inspired to apply her winning outlook to your own goals. Read ahead for an insightful Q&A with fashion designer Denisse M. Vera (plus get a special discount offer for readers of Loren’s World).

Denisse M Vera Fashion Designer


Amber Ridinger McLaughlin and Duane McLaughlin with Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart

Above: Amber at Jennifer Lopez’s birthday dinner with Duane, Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart. Below: Amber wears Denisse’s Elixis dress to Jennifer Lopez’s birthday dinner. As an exclusive special offer for readers of Loren’s World, enter the promo code ‘Lorenridinger’ at checkout to receive 10% off the Elixis dress.


Q. You’ve dressed some pretty amazing clients. And it’s only the beginning. How does it feel to see your work among such celebrated people?

A. When I see a celebrated personality wearing one of my designs it makes all of the late nights and hard work worth it. You spend so much time working on intricate details so when you see it finalized and styled well, there is no better feeling!

Q. Where do you find inspiration?

A. The artisans that I met on my journey through South America and the amazing macramé work that they created has been my biggest inspiration for the past two collections. I also look to textiles, art, culture, architecture and landscapes to find inspiration, I think that I am always scanning everything I see with a design eye.

Denisse M Vera Interview | Loren's World

Q. What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about taking this career path?

A. I would say that research is crucial, you have to know who you are designing for, don’t be afraid of taking risks, create a brand that you feel connected with and be persistent every single day!

Q. What exciting things can fans of your collection look forward to in 2015/2016?

A. I will be launching the Resort 2016 collection later this year. In the past I have tended to stick to very neutral tones but this collection really has a punch of color.

Q. You’re in an incredibly competitive industry. What motivates you to keep going when things are looking tough?

A. When things are tough I just think about the way I feel when I see my clients looking fabulous and feeling unstoppable in my creations… that is all it takes.  Also, looking back at past work is a great motivator when you are feeling uninspired. It becomes a reminder of the magic that was created in the past and therefore, the possibility to push the boundaries further.

Fashion Designer Denisse M. Vera | Loren's World

To view even more of Denisse M. Vera’s designs, visit her site Follow Denisse on Instagram at @denissemvera.

Photo credits: Models photographed by Mitch Hay Photography.


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