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Understanding Your Audience Online


Understanding your audience is hugely important! Whether you are sending out an email campaign, composing a social media strategy or even writing a blog, it doesn’t make a difference. If you don’t know who you are talking to, your message will not be heard. By having a grasp on the importance of understanding your audience, you can shape your message and delivery, all based on what you know your followers want to see.

Let’s say you just developed your own line of beauty products. You are super excited (of course!) about the new blush and are ready to share the news on social media. If your target audience is primarily younger, fashion forward women, your advertising should speak to them.

Understanding Your Audience Online

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  • Using images of young, beauty-conscious women with different styles in the latest trends will speak best to your audience
  • Selecting the type of social network is important. Instagram and Pinterest are great for beauty campaigns
  • Remember, word of mouse and peer reviews are your best way to get the word out. Think about how to include your audience and their opinion in your strategy to show your understand – and appreciating!

Understanding your audience gives you an incredible advantage to hone in on content, subjects and trends that you know they will love. In addition, knowing the importance of understanding your audience can put you steps ahead of your competition. And, that’s exactly where you want to be!

What’s your favorite example of a brand who is really good at understanding their audience?


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