IGTV: Why Instagram's New TV Feature Is a Game Changer


Instagram is the ultimate power player in our modern social media world. Launching IGTV is the next logical power move, already taking a piece of the pie from YouTube and Snapchat within 24 hours of launch.

IGTV: Why Instagram's New TV Feature Is a Game Changer


All Instagram users will be able to upload videos to IGTV, which will be viewable to all of your existing followers. What's more exciting is that IGTV videos won't be limited to just one minute, unlike traditional Instagram videos.


IGTV allows you to post videos up to one hour long which users can comment on, and more importantly, share.

Tap the Home button on your Instagram; you'll find the IGTV icon in the top right corner.

IGTV is mammoth news for all aspiring and established bloggers, brands, talent, and everyone else who has an invested advantage in becoming 'instafamous.'

"Instagram wants to make it possible for anyone to become famous from Instagram TV, not just the people who already have large audiences." - Kevin Systrom, CEO, Instagram.

My incredible friend, Kim Kardashian, leading the way on how to use this new feature.

Instagram plans to eventually launch a method for users making popular videos to make money, which is another big win for bloggers, brands, and talent alike. The longer, permanent videos allow brands to offer more in-depth storytelling and build stronger connections with audiences.

How to take advantage of IGTV for your business
#1. Motivational Speeches

An ideal opportunity for entrepreneurs and motivational speakers to get their message out there and target new followers.

#2. Educational

Longer videos offer the perfect opportunity to showcase your talent to the world. For example, a professional makeup artist could post full-length makeup tutorials.

#3. Interviews

Hour-long video paves the way for aspiring TV and radio presenters to start building a name for themselves.

#4. Showreels

Aspiring talent can showcase their skills in dance, acting, music, and everything in-between. Think live gigs or behind the scenes studio sessions that users can share.

#5. Product Demos

Videos bring products to life in a way images cannot - this is an excellent way for brands to showcase product functionalities to potential customers.

#6. Interactive Classes

If you're a personal trainer or a chef, for example, you could offer engaging hour-long sessions followers can engage with by following along with you.