How To Use Foursquare For Your Business

We all want to connect with our business owners as much as
possible. After all, it’s our regular customers that keep us going. If you’re a
web-based company, you have several opportunities to interact with your customers.
But for those of you who own a business with a physical address where people
come in to purchase items, you only really have a few minutes to capture their
attention. But with a little research and some creative thinking, you’ll find
several tools to help achieve your goal.

One tool I find really interesting for those physical
business owners is Foursquare. It’s a mobile app that allows you to see where
your friends are in real time as long as they “check-in” to the location. What
is this mean to business owners? If someone “checks-in” to your business all
their friends can see where they are. Further, if that person chooses to have
their Foursquare “check ins” run on their Facebook and Twitter just think about
all the people that just saw your business’ name on their computer or phone

First, you have to sign up and make sure your business is
already location. You may already be a location, and people may be checking-in
daily without you even knowing. You probably even have a mayor (the person with
the most check-ins to any given location)! Once you get a better understanding
of Foursquare, read the section on their website about connecting with
. You’ll learn how to offer your Foursquare customers discounts and

It’s a great tool, but also so much fun. Enjoy!