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How to Use Facebook for Customer Service

Entrepreneurs should learn how to use Facebook for customer service.  As business professionals, we must understand that social media has in fact altered how we engage with our customers.  More customers are voicing their disdain with a product through various social media outlets.  Just a few weeks ago, I was displeased with the customer service at Verizon.  It is my belief that customers should be contacted when there is a network service interruption and I took to Twitter to voice how unhappy I was!  While the customer service did not change, no company wants to be blasted on any level, especially social mediaEntrepreneurs, get into the game of engaging with customers onlineFacebook is a great place to begin because you have more control over comments and response time.  Good customer service is the foundation to building a successful business.  Here is my advice on how to use Facebook for customer service:


  • Create an app or tab that allows you to handle customer service issues.
  • Listen to what your customers are saying.
  • Allow your customers to talk to one another.
  • Be courteous, personable, and friendly. Do not respond with a generic answer. Use your customer’s name!
  • Be quick in your response time. Check your page every hour to respond.




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