How to Protect Your Ideas at the Office

How to protect your ideas at the office.  You should know how to protect your ideas at work.  If you have a career, you have experienced idea theft.  If you are just beginning in your career, pay attention so that this does not happen to you.  If you are passionate about your work, you may spend a good amount of time thinking of creative ideas for your company.  Like many of us, when you get a good idea that you know is more than amazing, you want to tell someone. Your internal pot is just boiling to tell a co-worker about your pitch to your superior.  The problem with that is, just like you there are so many people who are looking to get ahead.

There are many people working without integrity and will make an attempt to climb the ladder by any means necessary. The best way to protect your ideas at work is to keep your idea to yourself.  Even after you have met with the boss and conducted your presentation, wait before you let the cat out of the bag.  I know that you want to share.  We all do.  However, I do not want you to become disappointed because of a betrayal from a co-worker.  Trust me, keep your ideas to yourself.  Protect your ideas.  In due time, your great idea will be made known to the masses.  How do you protect your ideas in the workplace?