How To Overcome Self-Doubt

Self-doubt is that ugly
little monster that hangs out in our life’s closet, a place where we hide away
everything we don’t want the world to see. I rarely speak of this ugly
thing—because I don’t like to give it too much attention—but I know sometimes
it hinders us from getting to a place where we can believe in ourselves. So today, we’re going to conquer self-doubt. But first
we must acknowledge it and identify where its roots are.

I’ve asked Maria Forrest,
owner of Forrest Pilates in Downtown Miami, to help us jump this hurdle of self-doubt
and into the light of self-confidence. Forrest is one of the few ThetaHealing
practitioners in South Florida. She uses ThetaHealing to help people identify
those nasty blocks we’ve developed throughout the years (like low self-esteem
issues) and then helps release them by downloading positive thinking while
in a meditative state. Obviously, she knows a thing or two about self-doubt.
And here’s how you can say bye-bye to your friend in the closet.

What is Self-Doubt?


Self-doubt is a
belief. Someone (for example, mom or dad) or an experience at one point in
your life had you think you weren't worthy or good enough for some reason or
another. At that point, you convinced yourself that this was true. When we
create a belief and subconsciously believe for example, “I'm not worthy or
deserving,” life has a funny way of making it our reality. What this means is
that you will attract experiences that will bring up that doubt, over and over
again until you address it.


How to Overcome


This pattern can be
changed by changing your beliefs about yourself. Repeat the phrase, “I am
worthy and deserving.”

The best way to begin the process is by finding a quiet place where you can get into a meditative state (close your eyes, deep breaths, and control the mind chatter). First you must identify
the problem. Where did this belief come from? Ask yourself that question. Sometimes,
the process requires a bit of digging to see which is the core belief that is
holding this in place. But when the core belief is pulled the person energetically
shifts and the experiences they attract are much better.

Finally, ask yourself how
has doubting yourself served you? What have you learned from doubting yourself?
If you dig deep enough, you’ll notice you have in fact learned something from
the belief.


Maria Forrest will host
a ThetaHealing workshop at the Mandarin Oriental in Miami from September 17-19.
To learn more visit here.



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