How to Make a Business Out of Blogging

Are you aware of how to make a business out of blogging? The business of blogging has become a very lucrative endeavor for everyone from mothers to chefs to stylists. In fact, in the fashion industry, fashion bloggers are gaining just as much respect as fashion editors! Think about it - how many blogs do you read throughout the day? Blogs provide information with personality and many different types of voices. You can really make a living from the business of blogging.

How to start a blog

Many people start off small, just blogging for the passion. When you starting thinking about how to make a business out of blogging, learn your target audience. Who would benefit from your thoughts? You may like fashion, reading and baking? Can you include all three components so that they make sense or do you need to stream line? In the business of blogging, be sure to use your social media outlets to gain a following.

How to attract investors by blogging

Another great way to increase traffic would be to comment on other sites. To monetize a site, you need advertisers, so building traffic is important. Keep in mind, while building, you do not want to lose sight of your voice. Blogging is amazing - I have two! and give me a great way to connect with other women but I have also make a business of blogging. What are your tips for how to make a business out of blogging? Tweet me @lorenridinger


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