How To Lead By Example

What does leading by example really mean?By incorporating the following attitudes and practices into your life, you will not only improve your own life, but also begin to mold yourself into the kind of person that others will follow and emulate – the very definition of leading by example.

Here are some of my rules:

The lives we live are the lives we create, life is a creative art: If we believe life is filled with opportunities and cause for celebration, then we will notice those things and live so to promote them.

Health and productivity go hand in hand:In order to be productive and healthy, we all have to care of Our minds, bodies and spirits. Being productive and doing good, meaningful work that fits our talents can keep us alive and healthy a long time.

Don’t wait for solutions, solve the problem:People are experts in seeing what is wrong with a situation, system, organization or person.

Communication starts with listening:Don’t worry about trying to express yourself better (you don’t have to be a chatty leader). Think instead about asking better questions, and than repeat back your best understanding of what you’ve just heard. Listening is key in an business and personal environment.