How To Keep Organized

Last week while on the Women on the Move radio show, one listener asked me how I was able to juggle so many balls at one time. My response was: organization. Remaining organized
really is one of the most important things an entrepreneur should learn to
master. Try these pointers below and you’ll be surprise at how many more things
you can get done in a week. And who doesn't want more time?

  1. Spend some time the night before to create a
    list of tasks for tomorrow. Try to prioritize the list, so you can stay on
  2. When it comes to your work to-do list, you may
    want to prioritize according to the project that will generate the most
  3. When reviewing the next day’s to-do list, ask
    yourself if there are any items on the list you can delegate to someone
    else on your team. I know it’s hard to pass on work to others, but I
    learned early on that you’re only as good as your support system.
  4. Always tackle the hardest task first. We tend
    to always procrastinate with the tough items. If we get it out of the way
    first thing in the morning, the rest of the day becomes easier, and we
    already feel like a success.
  5. Take time to de-clutter your workspace and
    create a proper filing system. This may take a few hours at first, but
    it’ll save you a lot of time in the long run.
  6. Unsubscribe to any email newsletters you don’t
    read. Scroll down to the bottom of those emails, and click on unsubscribe.
    You’ll feel liberated once you do it!
  7. Take short creative breaks. During the day, I
    like to take one to two 10-minute breaks to think and regroup. Even just
    going outside helps regenerate.
  8. Eliminate interruptions. This can be your
    email, in which case close it down for an hour or so and focus. Or maybe
    it’s your phone. Shut if odd for a bit. Find a solution to lessen
  9. Assign your time. Allot yourself a certain
    amount of time to each daily task. And then track yourself.
  10. Just do! Procrastinating is the biggest waste
    of time. Don’t waste your time thinking about how annoying the task is,
    instead grind through it. You have to get in done anyway, so why drag it