How to get press for your brand

The first time I saw Loren Jewels featured in InStyle magazine, I just couldn’t believe it. Of course, I believed in the  product, but there’s always that self-doubt that sneaks in. So when I saw the feature InStyle magazine, I couldn’t help but think, “OK, this is a success.” Sometimes we work so hard on projects and never really get to physically see a result. A  placement in a major publication is definitely tangible evidence of your hard work.

My public relations and marketing team has been hard at work trying to get some buzz around Loren Jewel’s Kim Kollection. And, oh, have they succeeded! We’ve recently been seen in publications like In Style, Lont-stos Angeles Times, People Style Watch, Hollywood Magazine, Luxist and Chic Report. I am so grateful to have such talented people working for me on this project. I couldn’t do it without them.

If any of you are entrepreneurs, I really recommend looking into PR services. You don’t necessarily have to hire an in-house PR/marketing person or an agency, you can definitely reach out to the media on your own, but you should learn the rules of the game. Certain publications like to receive pitches in a specific way.

If you dream of being featured in a magazine, website or newspaper, start by visualizing the story. Grab a story or maybe the title of the publication and pin it up near your desk or anywhere you can see it everyday. Then start researching who the editors are at the publication. Shoot them a short, concise pitch via email explaining who you are and what your product is about. You might want to attach a low-resolution photo (of the product), as well. Make sure the pitch is relevant and newsworthy to the specific publication. And don’t forget to believe in yourself.

I’m sure I’ll see you in InStyle (or your dream pub) sometime soon!