How-To get your product in stores

How to get your products i.e., handbags, jewelry, apparel collection in stores and how do you get press? Follow these few simple steps and you will be on your way to the top

(Loren Jewels diamond bracelet)
Assuming you already have your collection ready and designed I would suggest the following:

Create a Look Book of your collection.
What is a Look Book: AA comprehensive directory of fashion-related companies and people, such as fashion designers, industry figures, brands and retail stores; A printed showcase of still images of a fashion designer or fashion brand’s collection with pages bound along one side; To seek and locate fashion-related

It is imperative that you have a well-designed look book to show to all of your potential clients and customers. This is what buyers will request when they are interested in reviewing your product.
Include the following content in your look book:
1. About the brand,
2. Inspiration/vision
3. Color palette & vision
4. Fabrication/ description
5. Images of your products include style number, color & cost/ retail price, press release, press clippings & your contact information.


Create a press release media alert about your product. In your press release include introduction, about, description and where to find the product

(Loren Jewels press release)

Samples: always have 2-3 sets of samples made in case buyers want to keep them in their showroom for review

Friends & family: Start with them first! Ask them if they know anyone who is interested in review your look book or purchase your product; maybe they know a store buyer ask around. It never hurts to ask!

(with Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian at my first Loren Jewelstrunk show)
Promoteyour product! Always wear your brand. You are a walking billboard and the best promoter of your product, you never know whom you will across or if you happen to meet someone interested in your brand.

Network! Network! Network! Attend events, fashion shows & trade shows, intern, create your own mini trunk show. PEOPLE LEAD TO PEOPLE

Use Social Media: create a fan page and twitter profile for your brand, as your friends and family to promote you, interact with other fashion designers, look for store buyers on facebook, post your new designs, ask for suggestions, give a free sample to your 500th follower, run contest, be creative the opportunities are endless!

Create a website! If you don’t have the knowledge to do so hire someone! There are many easy and free website templates/ blogs that can help you create your own blog. Make sure to add your blog to all of your paperwork, business cards, social media accounts etc.

(Motives by Loren Ridinger website)
Create Buzz!!! Participate in local events, partner with charities, give a few samples to your friends, blog & gossip about it, tweet it out!You must do this everyday at least 3 times a day!

Don’t stop, never quit, believe, stay consistent and NETWORK!
Once you have mastered all of these steps above you will notice how many people are promoting your brand, buyers will be knocking on your door and the media will be blogging about your chic handbag.It is up to you to make it happen! Just remember Rome wasn’t built overnight. You never know when one of your favorite celebs will be dying to sport your brand!

- Love Loren