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How to Find Your Business Accountability Partner

Just like a gym buddy, a business accountability partner can help you focus and stay on task. The entrepreneurial journey more often than not can be a lonely journey, so it’s essential to surround yourself with entrepreneurial mindsets that keep you uplifted, focused and encourage you to hold yourself accountable to your business goals.

How to Find Your Business Accountability Partner
1. Don’t pick your partner.

I was fortunate to build the life and business of my dreams side by side with JR, but usually, it’s not advisable to appoint your spouse as your accountability person. Your partner is likely the closest relationship you have in your life, so your person may be too close to you to keep an unbiased opinion on your logical next business moves. Choose someone you trust who isn’t so close to you so that they can give their honest opinion without worrying about damaging your relationship.

2. Choose a goal-getter.

You wouldn’t pick a friend famous for avoiding the gym to be your gym buddy, would you? Well, the same rule applies to the pursuit of finding your ideal business accountability partner. Go for someone who is already actively pursuing their dreams who will inspire you to go after your goals, and motivate you harder than ever on the days where you almost feel like giving up. You need someone who possesses tough love to help you find solutions for every problem and keeps pushing you forward despite whatever unexpected obstacles the universe may throw at you.

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