How to Create a Dream Board

JR has had me making
“dream boards” since we first started dating. I thought he was crazy until I
literally saw my dreams jump off the board and become my reality. Last night,
while chatting with the ladies from Blog Talk Radio I was reminded of the
emphasis dream board. I thought to myself “I need to teach my readers how to do
this!” And that’s how this post came about. For those of you who don’t know
what a dream board is, it’s a place I like to put pictures (actual photos, cut-outs
from magazines, or print-outs from the Internet) that remind me of the goals I
want to achieve or the things that I want in life—and those things can be
material good, so don’t be shy! Some may call it a visualization board, too.
It’s jus a daily reminder of our dreams, so we always remember to stay on
track. Eventually, we’ll attract these things if our desires stay strong.

The first item on my first
ever dream board was a picture of a car. I was wanted one so bad. A few months
later, I got one! Ever since, I’ve believed in the power of the board. So
here’s how you can make your very own.

Let’s get crafty!


What You’ll Need

  1. Some sort of board: poster
    board, cork board, etc.
  2. Images that remind you of
    your dreams.
  3. Scissors and some sort of
    adhesive (glue stick, tape, thumb tacks) depending on what kind of board you


How to Create Your
Dream Board

  1. Start by gathering those
    images of your dreams. A good way to draw inspiration is by flipping through
    magazines. There are so many beautiful photos, you’re sure to find something
    that reminds you of your goals.Like I mentioned before, these can be cut-outs
    from a magazine, photos, or print-outs from the Internet are all good items to
    put on your dream board. These images have to speak to you and not anyone else,
    so don’t worry if someone doesn’t “get it.” If a picture of a palm tree reminds
    you of your dream house then grab that picture.If you get a little overwhelmed
    by all the visuals start by making a list of your dreams and then look for
    images that match those dreams
  2. Arrange the images onto
    your board. You can do this however you like. Be creative. And use inspiring
    words if you like
  3. Place your nifty board
    somewhere you can see it everyday. Maybe in your office or on your fridge. A
    dream board is no good if you can’t see it
  4. Lastly, DREAM BIG!


What’s on your dream
board? Send me a tweet @LorenRidinger.