How-To Become A WFH Boss

Working from home has become the new norm as most of us are quickly adapting to self quarantining. Before COVID-19 the idea of WFH was probably very enticing — lunch at home, mid-day workouts, self-care breaks, no traffic, etc. To most of our surprise it’s not as glamorous as perceived but here we are. Today I’m sharing a few tips I’ve learned over the years that I hope you find helpful! 

#1: Create a routine that works for YOU

Although most morning routines are similar, each routine should be unique to your lifestyle. If making your bed every morning does not bring you joy, keep going on with your day! From the moment I wake up I like to set my intentions for the day and create a short to-do list to keep me motivated. You’d be surprised how satisfying it is to cross off an item from your list! It’s also important to stay consistent with the time you wake up as if you were physically going to the office. 

#2 Dress up your home office

Working from your bed is not going to work! Find a quiet spot in your place and create a simple set up similar to your original office. I personally love working close to a window which brings in natural sunlight throughout the day! 

#3 Get dolled up

Show up to work but don’t over do it. I’m taking advantage of this time by wearing less makeup and adding less heat to my hair! Now is the perfect time to invest in great skincare and a tinted moisturizer since no one will be hyper focused on how fabulous you looked during that Zoom meeting. I’m personally loving the Motives® Illuminating Liquid Foundation which has a light-weight, natural formula.

Motives® Illuminating Liquid Foundation, Motives Cosmetics, $35.00 

#4 Fuel your body

This is the time to take advantage of cooking at-home meals, signing up for a meal subscription or ordering takeout to support your local restaurants! I like to keep healthy snacks for the fam stocked in the kitchen and order takeout at least once a week to change it up! Also, don’t forget to continue drinking water throughout your day. Here is my favorite tumbler at the moment!

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#5 Take your vitamins 

With the spread of Coronavirus now more than ever is the time to take your vitamins. I love our product Isotonix® Astaxanthin! This supplement ranks among the purest and most powerful antioxidants available, and we're so excited for you to reap the benefits of this product. With 25% of Vitamin C, it’s a great addition to your routine to prevent #Coronavirus year-round. 

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For those of you who are still going into work, thank you! Whether you’re a healthcare professional or a news anchor, my family and I are grateful for your sacrifice. Stay safe!