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How to Be A Better Boss

April 2nd, 2012

For those of us in a leadership position, we all ask ourselves how to be a better boss?  We want to be effective in our role but we also want to be human.  No one wants to be seen as Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada!  I do believe that balance can be achieved.  Good employees are a reflection of the leadership they are under.  It requires time and patience on our behalf to step back, take a look at our management style, and work on our weaknesses.  With work, we can become a better boss.

I would say that most people like to be spoken to and not spoken at. We all know how it feels when we are spoken to as if we are children and our opinion does not matter. We have to remember our team members are capable adults that should be given respect. How we speak to our team is vital in getting goals accomplished! We should evaluate if we are utilizing our team correctly. Each team member has specific talents that they work well in. We become a better boss when we identify those talents and place employees in roles that will allow them to flourish. Lastly, we must learn how to correct in private and reward openly. In leadership roles, we have the responsibility to empower and inspire. No one likes to be humiliated in front of others. In doing this, we lose trust and respect as leaders. We should correct team members in private. After seeing noticeable changes, praise those improvements! We are the captains of our ships! Your team needs to be acknowledged and celebrated when they reach the destination!

It takes dedication and commitment to become a better boss. If we work on how to be a better boss, we will see significant changes in how we lead. We impact the lives of our team members every day. They are looking to us for guidance. We have an impacting purpose. We don’t just want to become a better boss. We want to become great leaders.

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