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Grow Your Business with Word of Mouse

For our social media presentation during 2012 Market America World Conference, my brother Steve Ashley and I introduced the concept “word of mouse” in an effort to help other entrepreneurs grow their business online.  Talking, complaining, praising, and recommending – these are actions we as a society have always done and will continue to take part in, however, the majority will take place over the internet.  This can be a good or bad thing, it’s up to you.

This can help grow your business if you choose to utilize word of mouse in a way that can be beneficial; everyone has an opinion and it only takes seconds to for it to go viral via Facebook or Twitter.  Social media is changing the way companies interact with their customers use it to your advantage!  Get to know your customer base through social media and grow your business by engaging with them.  This will help word of mouse be a positive experience for your business, not a negative one.  What’s been your experience with social media and business?  Leave a comment or tweet me @lorenridinger

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