How to get more followers on Twitter

If you haven’t notice, I’m
a bit of a Twitter fanatic. A lot of people were skeptical—and still are—about
the social media tool, but I, personally, have found a great response with it.
It’s a great way to communicate with friends and clients without taking up too
much of your time. The beauty of Twitter is that everyone using the
micro-blogging site is looking for quick, yet under-the-radar info. If you
follow the right people, you can learn about the hottest trends, possibly win a
contest, and hear about cool things to do over the weekend. And for the most
part, it’s all insider info. It’s a lot easier for me to send out a tweet about
a new Loren Jewels collection than it is to have my publicist write-up a press
release and send it out to the media who will eventually let you know that
Loren Ridinger is launching a new collection for Loren Jewels. I could just let
you know in a tweet! And for those small business owners: customers love
insider info.


But what’s the point of
Twitter if you don’t have followers? It’s a common problem people face.
Eventually, they get frustrated and just quit Twitter all together. I promise
once you get the hang of it, you’ll see the beauty—and results! I’ve put
together a short list of tips to help you build your follower base. I encourage
you to do your own research, as well. In the meantime, here are my tips.

  1. You must follow to be followed

off by following people with similar interests as your own. The best way to
search for these people is by using a Twitter tool like Just Tweet It. You can
search their directory by category. They have categories like, cosmetology,
entrepreneurs and start-ups.

  1. Show some link love

always good to post links from interesting stories you read that day. The
chances are, you’re followers will like the article and then retweet it to
their followers. Right there you’re being exposes to a whole new set of Twitter
subscribers, and hopefully, they’ll follow you after reading your name.

  1. Drive traffic to your page

your Twitter page just like your website or blog. You have to tell people about
your site in order to get them to visit. I know this sounds obvious, but I just
want to stress the importance of promoting your Twitter profile. Add your
Twitter name to your email signature, or insert a widgit on your blog. Get the
word out!

  1. You are what you share

want to follow other people that have exciting things to say or insider info.
No one really wants to hear about the ordinary day-to-day stuff like “I’m
brushing my teeth.” Instead share info that people would mind interesting like
“Get free ice cream at your nearest Ben & Jerry’s when you show your
library card.” I obviously made this up. But if people associate you with “that
girl that gives all the good sales update on Twitter,” they’ll most likely tell
their Twitter friends.

  1. Tweet like you mean it

that I mean tweet often and be conversational. If you see you have a new
follower send them a direct message thanking them for the follow. If someone
tweets @ you, respond. Tweet @ other people with a compliment or something you
think they will enjoy. Participate!

Have Twitter questions?
Send me a tweet @LorenRidinger.