The Benefits of Freelance Writing Jobs


There are so many freelance writing jobs available!  Have you ever considered going to work as a freelance writer or even what the benefits of freelancing might be?  I love mixing up my day-to-day work with freelance projects.  Mostly, I freelance as a writer for a number of different blogs and sites, and I love it!  Working as a freelance writer gives me the chance to meet new people, share personal stories and get creative!


Some of my favorite freelance writing projects have been my regular spot on the Huffington Post, and working on special projects for Haute Living Magazine.  The benefits of freelancing are pretty endless because you gain exposure to so many different businesses and groups of people.  Working as a freelancer does have occasional challenges.  Sometimes there are tight deadlines and demanding clients, but you also get to be your own boss.  Here’s a list of my favorite benefits of freelancing!

Freelance Writer Benefits

– I get to spend more time with my friends and family (no 9-5).

– I decide which projects I want and which projects just aren’t the right fit.

– I can work right from my own home (even in my pajamas!).

– I can always look for more freelance opportunities.

– I get to write about the things I love!

Have you ever spent time working as a freelancer? is a great resource for freelancer writers!  I would love to hear your story!



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