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Are Magnetic Lashes the Trend for You?

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The newest trend to hit the world of beauty is definitely interesting. Magnetic lashes by the company One Two Cosmetics are taking the beauty world by storm. Some are considering this product a “beauty breakthrough.” Magnetic lashes, you say? I’m not so sure about this trend so I made sure to do my research. The false lashes work by clamping your real lashes in between the fake lashes and a magnetic strip. You know what that means, ladies? No mess! No more goopy glue. According to the website, they’re easy to use and reuse. My question is, does this really work? Is this just a fad or a trend that truly makes wearing lashes easier? Read on to learn more.

Are Magnetic Lashes the Trend for You?

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The reviews are mixed. So many publications are currently singing the praises of these lashes. Allure Magazine named them as one of 2016’s top “Breakthrough Innovative Beauty Products.” A writer a PopSugar wrote “the magnetic lash extensions from One Two Cosmetics ended up being my favorite product [I] ever tested.” Cosmopolitan wrote about the lashes saying, “this is the one occasion that money can actually buy you time and happiness.”

Yup, that’s quite a bit of high praise for a pair of false lashes. But, when you head to Youtube and Instagram to see what the beauty gurus are saying, you get a whole different story. Just check out some of the reviews below.

These are of the biggest beauty guru names on YouTube. So what’s the deal? Is the media just exaggerating on how great these lashes are, or do they really work? They seem to be difficult to apply and uncomfortable. They also look sparse on the eye. What’s the point of lashes if you can’t have them full and fluttery? I’m not sure how I feel about this beauty trend, but I think that I’ll stick to my classic falsies for now.

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lashes, magnetic lashes, Motives®, motives® cosmeticsHave you tried magnetic falsies? Let me know in the comments or tweet me @lorenridinger.


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