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5 Makeup Tips for Older Women

Makeup helps women look gorgeous at any age. If you’re an older woman who’s in need of some makeup tips to help brighten up your face, read on! I’ve got some simple to follow tips that will keep you looking fresher than ever. Check them out below!

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  1. If you’ve got fine lines, powder foundation will only accentuate them. On top of that, skin loses moisture when it ages, so powder foundation will only make your skin look dryer. Use a cream foundation instead. Or, during the winter months when your skin id feeling extra dry, go for some tinted moisturizer!
  1. Older women find that their lips shrink when they reach a certain age. Here’s what you can do. Line your lips with some lip liner and use your fingers to apply lipstick that’s a shade or two darker than your lips. For an added bit of plumping apply some lip-gloss over your lipstick. The difference is astonishing.
  1. Keep your eye shadow simple! A nice wash of eye shadow over the lids before applying any eyeliner is key! Your eyes should get some love but you want to keep things soft so choose a color that’ll help make your eye color pop.
  1. Go for a kohl liner and along the upper lash line. Not only will using kohl liner help your eyelashes look thicker, but it looks softer than eye liner. Apply your liner along the lash line, above your lashes and then smudge it out with your finger for an even softer appeal.
  1. Mascara is key! As women age, they find that they have less lashes. Be sure to keep your eyes as the focal point of your face by adding plenty of mascara onto your lashes. This will help to brighten up your eyes and keep people from looking at any other part of your face that you don’t want people looking.

So, what do you thing older  women? Did these makeup tips help you? Be sure to let me know in the comments section


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