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4 Reasons to Wear Eyelash Primer

When I first heard of eyelash primers, I thought they were a gimmick. To me they seemed like a useless product that I didn’t need to spend money on. Why would I need a lash primer when there was so many great mascaras out on the market? Finally, I bit the bullet and decided to try a primer. I instantly fell in love and decided to add an eyelash primer to Motives®. Trust me, primers will help you get that fake lash look, without the fake lashes. I use my eyelash primer often, especially for special occasions. You’ll be using one on the daily  once you check out my 4 Reasons to Wear Eyelash Primer. Check them out below!

4 Reasons to Wear Eyelash Primer

Long lasting mascara- Some mascara formulas aren’t meant to last you all day. They smudge and flake off. That’s why, when I’ve got a big day ahead, I aim for my eyelash primer. No need for touch ups with this product in my makeup arsenal!

Fewer clumps- I hate picking out clumps when I apply my favorite mascara. That’s why eyelash primer is so great. It smooths out your lashes for a clump free mascara application. Sounds like a miracle, but it’s true!

They thicken, length, and nourish your lashes- Lash primers like our Motives® Lash Primer contain vitamins and ingredients that help your lashes grow thick. No need for fake lashes when you’re using our lash primer. It works wonders and protects your lashes from fallout.

They turn a great mascara into the best mascara- When you use lash primer, any mascara  will become your go-to. No need to tryout a million different mascaras! All you need is some primer to get the job done right.

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