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3 Companies That Will Fit The Clothing You Love To Your Body

What do we love more than clothes? Clothes that look fabulous the moment you put them on, no tailoring required! Unfortunately, that’s often easier said than done. Whether you’re a different size on top and bottom, in between sizes, or a little taller, shorter, or broader-shouldered than the “average” body type, finding clothes that fit just right can be a challenge. Fortunately, there’s a new crop of companies who are becoming the solution. Here are 3 great retailers and clothing designers we love—that take “fit” to a whole new (and even affordable) level.


  1. eShakti


eShakti is what you might call a custom clothing mecca…or custom clothing for the people. Or custom clothing made really, really easy (and affordable). Basically, you can buy ready-to-wear items from the site, or you can have them made based on your measurements, for free. You can also customize items (think changing the neckline or sleeves on a top or length of a skirt), also usually for free. Choose from tops, dresses, pants, and my favorite: the Wedding & Events section. Yep, you might actually find a bridesmaid dress that actually fits.

  1. True&Co

True & Co

Every gal needs a great bra (or five), and no gal wants to spend an hour with a salesperson to find it. That’s the idea behind True&Co, a new lingerie brand. You take a simple quiz about the current bras you wear and how they fit (note: do this at home), and the site will recommend new picks that are designed to fit your body type. Here’s the best part: You pick three options, the True&Co stylists pick two, and you try on all five in the comfort of your own home and return what you don’t want. For free!

  1. Carrie Hammer

Carrie Hammer Custom CLothing

We think every woman needs a go-to power dress—that one item of clothing that makes you feel like you can conquer the world (or at least, that big presentation). And the perfect place to find it is customizable boutique Carrie Hammer. Choose a basic style, enter your height and size, and then customize the color, length, and sleeve length. You’ll have a gorgeous dress that’s 100% you.



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