Fat Joe Speaks His Truth at #MAIC2018

Fat Joe Speaks His Truth at #MAIC2018, fat joe, loren ridinger, loren, fat joe, maic 2018

Fat Joe spoke his truth yesterday. He hit the #MAIC2018 stage with an incredible presentation about following your dreams, learning from your mistakes and working hard. I'm so proud of my brother. Thanks for coming out, Joe!

Fat Joe Speaks His Truth at #MAIC2018

"I gotta be honest with you. This is a big family here and we all love each other. If you ain't noticed by now you're at the wrong place. We have all different ethnicities. Asian, white people, Latinos, black—you name it. This the only business where there is truly gender equality."

"I really come here for you, for my loyalty to you, to my family at Market America."

"It's time to wake up. I don't want to come here talking the same thing over and over and you're not getting in the game."

"It's about you. It isn't about me."

"There really isn't any job security. They're fooling you into thinking that there's job security."

"This business has been Uber-ized before Uber. This has been social media before social media."

"If we take a survey of all these millionaire's backgrounds we'll learn that they're no different than you."

"If you don't sell tickets if you don't bring your friends here your business will never grow."

"You have to get your people here so when you get back on the streets you can fight the battle."

"I believe the invisible train comes into every man and women's life. I believe the invisible train is here tonight."

"Your darkest moments bring you the greatest clarity."