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Why It’s Never Too Late to Change Your Life

change your life

Sara Blakely, the billionaire founder of Spanx, was a door-to-door office supplies salesperson for seven years in her 20s before she quit to run her company full time at age 30. You never know when that great moment of inspiration will strike you, but sometimes you have to force yourself outside of your comfort zone before any change can happen. If you feel stuck, you need a change. And thankfully, it’s never too late to change your life. Read on for my best tips to give yourself the courage for the life-changing push you need.

Why It’s Never Too Late to Change Your Life

change your life

1. Get Rid of the Excuses.

You may have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of your life in your current career, but if you are miserable, it doesn’t matter. No amount of money or time spent will ever be more important or valuable than your happiness, or you finding and living out your real passion in life. People may question your sanity, but it’s not their path, so it’s not for them to understand. Focus on what you want, what you need, and once you have eliminated any excuse-related obstacles, you can move forward to the next step.

2. Determine What You Want to Change.

Is it your career, your social life, your health, your overall life, your confidence, a combination of a few things, or something else entirely that you want to change? Pinpoint precisely where your unhappiness lies so you can find out what needs to change.

3. Make an Epic Game Plan.

Write out the most detailed to-do list of your life. If you want to change your career, for example, figure out what is involved and write everything down. Do you need to go back to school? If not, will it help if you take a few online classes to get up-to-speed? What about creating your own mini-college course by watching YouTube videos, reading articles, and taking notes to immerse yourself and ramp up your confidence in the field? Think through what makes sense for the area you want to pursue and how competitive it is. Either way, you want to stand out, so the more prepared you can be, the more confident you will be once this is part of your everyday life.

4. Pick One Aspect of Change to Focus On.

Ask yourself: what is one small thing you can start doing today to get the ball rolling? Review your game plan and pick one item on the to-do list. Keep checking items off of your list as you grow in your skillset and confidence and before you know it, you’ll be executing your game plan flawlessly.

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