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Vision to Victory: Why You Need The Last Laugh

the last laugh

 The Last Laugh – Vision to Victory, is an inspiring book depicting the happiness that arises from accomplishment against all odds – a part memoir and part success guide. In it, Dennis Franks and Vince Papale discuss the obstacles they overcame to make the NFL. Vince was considered ‘too old,’ while Dennis was thought to be ‘too small,’ but against the odds, they never gave up on their dreams and made the team. The Last Laugh – Vision to Victory, is available for purchase exclusively on SHOP.COM from now until early March.

Why You Need to Have the Last Laugh

the last laugh

Vince and Dennis share how they applied the same determined mindsets to their business pursuits after leaving pro ball in this uplifting book. Their stories include Vince’s’ launch of the Invincible brand, after the release of Invincible, the Disney movie, and book depicting his NFL career. Dennis’s story describes his rise through the ranks of direct selling as one of the top money earners in the industry, as well as becoming a co-owner of a multibillion-dollar internet marketing company. Such incredible stories from two incredible men! This is definitely a must-read for all lovers of inspirational books!

JR, Mark Wahlberg, and a few other well-known leaders feature in this wonderful book. Grab your copy here.


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