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Top 10 Best Online Makeup Courses

Today’s makeup industry features styling tips, beauty hacks, and online makeup tutorials that people can easily access. Many people can learn about makeup tricks through the web and improve their looks or those of others.

Whereas online tutorials are practical, you need to consider pursuing credible online courses to become an industry professional. The courses can allow you to practice makeup and attain knowledge while turning your passion into profit. Here is a list of the ten best online makeup courses. 

Bombshell Beauty Academy

The Bombshell Beauty Academy is an Australian-based academy targeting upcoming makeup artists. The academy targets beginners and offers courses for those interested in different makeup industry aspects.

It targets those who are interested in starting a small business as professional makeup artists and those desiring to sharpen their makeup skills. Bombshell Academy’s online courses cost $600, the package of which includes 46 lessons. 

Online Makeup Academy

According to top essay writing, the online Makeup Academy is one of the most popular online courses offering advanced courses with full certification upon completion. The course facilitator, Paulina Pecak has about four years of experience in the makeup industry. Paulina has taught many students and helped them to attain their career goals in the makeup industry. 

The course has six lessons or modules including introduction, high fashion, creative makeup, editorial makeup period make and business, branding, and marketing. Upon completion of the course, you will be entitled to receive a professional portfolio and a pro card membership alongside a professional certificate from OMOACA.  

Vizio Makeup Academy

As per thesis writing services, the Vizio Makeup Academy offers makeup artistry courses with distinct topics, benefits and requirements. The courses include introductory, master makeup, premier makeup, and elite makeup courses.

All courses come with professional certification upon completion and the cost is determined after you submit your personal details. The courses are entirely offered online and are accessible from different types of devices- phones, tablets, desktops, and laptops. The introductory course takes about twenty hours, while the master course takes sixty-five hours. 

Udemy Makeup Artistry Masterclass

Udemy is an online platform offering different courses on anything you can think of. It has several online makeup classes that it offers to the public, the most popular course being the makeup artistry masterclass.

According to college reviews, Udemy lets you find courses that meet your interests, professional needs, and budget. Udemy’s masterclass does not teach you makeup basics but it can help in gathering information necessary for starting a makeup artistry business. 

For the basics of makeup artistry, you can go for the relevant beginner course on Udemy. The course includes seven downloadable resources, on-demand video, and long-term access to learning materials. 

School of Makeup Artistry

The School of Makeup Artistry is popular for its online makeup courses, including the artistry 101 course, the master class, and the professional makeup artistry. The school also offers the business of makeup course and the professional bridal makeup course. 

Facilitated by Toni Thomas, the beginners’ course consists of 31 texts and 23 instructional videos. The course takes about 40 hours to complete and covers 19 topics ranging from correcting and concealing, evening makeup, and so on. For online marketing of your beauty business, the course will teach you things like the TikTok skincare trends to consider and those to avoid. 

Melissa Hoffmann Photography + Beauty

Melissa Hoffmann is the hair and makeup artist, photographer, and coach responsible for delivering the beginners makeup course in this academy. Melissa resigned from her previous work to pursue her career in the beauty industry and help women feel confident about the way they look. 

She inspires beginners who are interested in pursuing their passion in this industry. Melissa offers two makeup courses, including “The Ultimate Smoky Eye” and the “10-minute Natural Makeup Look”.

Alison: Diploma in Makeup Artistry

This is a free course that enables you to learn about tools and products for applying makeup professionally. The course can boost your knowledge of makeup application and help you to improve your makeup techniques.

This is one of the best online courses for learning about the application of techniques to enhance lips, skin, and eyes. It also offers an opportunity to understand the significance of learning and practicing makeup skills. The course covers topics such as working with face and eye makeup, makeup tools, and how to run a makeup business. 

AOFM Online Makeup School

If you are looking to become a professional makeup artist, the AOFM Online Makeup School is the place to be. The school offers intensive courses with tools and makeup tricks and tips alongside assignments for better learning.

The course may not be suitable for beginners because it emphasizes advanced makeup aspects. By taking a course with AOFM, you will have access to the necessary tools for starting a career in beauty. 

QC Makeup Academy

The QC Makeup Academy offers makeup classes with flexible hours, hands-on training, and excellent career preparation services. The academy has paid courses as well as introductory makeup lessons to enable you to understand the benefits of the course.

The courses in the academy’s platform feature tutorial videos with flexible access and a virtual classroom that allows you to connect with other students. The academy guarantees helpful, quick, and professional tutoring, foundational and advanced courses. 

Udemy: How to be a Professional Makeup Artist

This course offers full lifetime access to learning materials and lets you access those materials on TV and mobile. This Udemy course is facilitated by Greg Coon, who is the president of a television production organization called Eyecon Video Production.

The course is intensive and is divided into various sessions, including Skincare, Makeup Artistry, and Image Consulting. The course covers diverse topics such as Television and Makeup Artistry, Esthetician tools, and the use of color correctors. 


Having understood what the online web offers in terms of makeup courses, it is time to get your hands ready for the job. Taking an online makeup course, whether for fun or certification, requires dedication, time, and commitment to start. Focus on gaining as much knowledge as possible and ensure that you get value for your money. 

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