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Things I Learned at MAWC 2018

mawc 2018

MAWC 2018 defeated every other entrepreneurial event out there. Why? Because the energy was phenomenal – the crowd came hungry to learn with a thirst for knowledge and left determined to put everything they learned into practice and smash the hell out of their 2018 business goals. This is precisely what the Market America conferences are all about. Our team comes together to give you all of the tools you need to succeed. After all, your success is our success and vice versa. Market America is more than a team, we’re a family – and that became even more evident this year.

Things I Learned at MAWC 2018
mawc 2018
You’re ready for a new you.

You came here with passion, and drive, and a reason. Your reason is you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired. You cheered your agreement in wanting to fire your boss, having more time to spend with your family and achieving financial independence. Like I said in my speech, we have to stop waking up like an accident. Stop playing the lottery with your life. In order for something to change, we have to become someone we’ve never been. I learned at MAWC 2018 that everyone is ready for new birth when they walked out of the stadium doors on Saturday evening.

There’s no other place like the convention to reboot.

Fat Joe delivered such a powerful speech. You have to believe in yourself. There are no do-overs. We have one shot at life. Everyone was at MAWC 2018 because they are not afraid to dream big – and these are the people that will create some truly inspiring futures.

Stop listening to stupid people.

I spoke about it in my speech, and I’ll say it again. Stop listening to stupid people, believe in yourself and eliminate everybody else from your life until you just do it. You have to eliminate negative people from your life. Get rid of toxic environments. You will never get where you want to go around toxic people. I could just tell from the energy that the crowd is ready to hit delete on a lot of negative relationships after this event. Bub-bye!

Let’s this be the day a new you is born. There’s not one single emergency in life that is more important than you. It’s our job to work on ourselves!

Let your darkest moments become your clarity.

Another lesson from Fat Joe’s incredible speech, Joe shared the story of DJ Khaled who wasn’t selling records. DJ Khalid took to Snapchat to share his thoughts, subsequently blowing up his reputation and online presence. Bad times are a blessing in disguise. Through your darkest moments come clarity – your struggle will help you find your success.

Our UFOs Feel the Love.

In the wake of our legal battle to get Market America products off unauthorized third party websites such as eBay and Amazon, it became evident that our UFOs have played an equally pivotal role in extinguishing this behavior – thank you! Thank you for your loyal support, from me and the entire Market America family.

You have to know your WHY!

If we don’t know why we’re here, what are we working towards, and where are we going? Determine your why then set your goals around it. Everyone was at MAWC 2018 to learn the skills and takeaways to help them push forward. You were all surrounded by opportunity at this conference, and you’re walking away with the blueprint for your success. I have a strong awareness this year that everybody left with a stronger sense of purpose.


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