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Successful People Possess Which 3 Key Personality Traits?

personality traits

What do Albert Einstein, J.P. Morgan, Kim Kardashian West, J.K. Rowling, Madonna, and George Lucas all have in common? They are iconic titans of their industries and among the most successful people to ever walk the earth. Want to join their ranks of greatness? Keep reading to find out the traits of successful people – aka what they all have in common.

Successful People Possess Which 3 Key Personality Traits?

personality traits

Successful people are…

1. Self-Disciplined

You can’t imagine and then write a book series as intricate and with so many interwoven storylines and nuances like the Harry Potter book series while lazily daydreaming. J.K. Rowling used her natural ability for creativity and storytelling and put the proverbial pen to paper at The Elephant Room, a coffee shop and bakery in Edinburgh, Scotland where Potter came to life one word, one page, one chapter at a time.

2. Competitive by Nature

In competition, there are two competing theories: you should only ever compete against yourself, and you can only become the best by competing against the best. I believe both approaches are accurate. You should always strive to improve yourself but having a mentor and someone to aspire to be like should drive you forward every day. You get better one challenge at a time, and the most successful people never back down from a little competition.

3. Risk Takers

Do you think Thomas Edison thought he’d be successful the first time he tried to invent the lightbulb? Probably not, considering it took him 1,000 tries before being successful. But he believed in himself and the importance of this invention so much that he decided to take the risk (and was extremely self-disciplined while doing so – can you imagine trying and failing at something 1,000 times and never giving up?). Take a chance in your career, and don’t give up if it doesn’t go the way you want it to the first time. I dare you to try 1,000 if you need to. You’re worth it.

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