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Prepping For A Virtual Presentation

Connecting virtually has been available for years but now it’s become essential to get most of our jobs done. I’ve created an online routine to continue being a resource to all of you in your daily lives. Whether you catch me “On The Stoop” on Facebook, Live with my friends on Instagram or on Zoom for a company presentation, you can always count on me. This weekend I had the pleasure of speaking during Market Hong Kong Online Convention along with some of my closest friends and colleagues. To be honest, I was more nervous presenting over Zoom than if I was presenting in a convention center! The convention was moved online due to obvious reasons but we are so thrilled with the impact we were still able to make. So today I wanted to share how I prepare for a virtual presentation!

Test Your Connection 

This is so important especially if this is your first time hopping on Zoom. Test your connectivity days before and on presentation day to ensure you are good to go. I’d also recommend asking a friend to join a “test session” to confirm they can see and hear everything perfectly on their end.

Provide Materials in Advance

Technology is great but it also has its’ mishaps so I usually send my slides to the meeting host in the case that my connectivity fails mid-presentation. Sharing an agenda with the group is also helpful to keep your audience engaged.

Light The Room

If you have a ring light or studio light I would totally bring it out for your presentation. If you don’t have a light, make sure your room is naturally lit and avoid light from shining from behind you.

Wear Your Favorite Outfit

You guys know I love to wear pieces with personality so I chose to wear a sequin jacket for my Market Hong Kong presentation. It’s important to wear something that makes you feel comfortable and confident!

Add Some Glam

Typically I would call one of my girls to help with glam but this time I had to do it myself. My friend and makeup artist Lina helped me step-by-step! I used the new THALIA X MOTIVES® Viva Eye & Cheek Palette to achieve this look.

Shop the limited-edition THALIA X Motives Viva Eye & Cheek Palette here.

Share Contact Information

If you’re presenting to hundreds of people virtually you probably won’t have the opportunity to answer everyone’s questions. Share your contact info with the group at the end of your presentation to help keep the agenda on schedule.

For more tips on how to leverage technology and Zoom, watch this incredible session featuring Andrew Weissman and Elizabeth Weber-Walliser!


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