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MAWC 2018: New Birth, New You, New Value!

thoughts are powerful

I want to take a minute to thank every single one of you making up the crowd today – your energy is unbelievable! Market America Winter Conference gets bigger every year, but this year is by far the most energetic crowd I have ever experienced – I love you guys! My speech today was all about thought patterns. Our mindset dictates the outcome of every single day. Have you ever thought about someone you know that you haven’t seen in a long time, then all of a sudden you run into them in the supermarket or at the mall? That’s how influential our thoughts are. Your thoughts are powerful.

MAWC 2018: New Birth, New You, New Value

thoughts are powerful

”Your words are powerful. Your thoughts are too.”

Walk on stage with me here!

Now is the moment to change your life – not next year, not next month, not tomorrow – NOW! You have to be present at this very moment. You have to work towards accomplishing your goals every day. Watch my full power speech below:

”Go after it like your life depends on it.”

Most people go through life quietly. Safely. Tiptoeing to an early grave. You have to make every second count in life. Our health isn’t promised – tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. The time is now! Whatever your aspirations, today is the day to start working towards fulfilling your dreams.

”Pain is the feeling of weakness leaving your body.”

I get invited to incredible events all of the time, and I don’t go. Not because I don’t want to, but because the fire in my belly to smash every single business goal I implement is stronger than the fear of missing out. You have to keep focused.

”I’d rather be alone than surrounded by people who want to keep me down.”

”It’s mind over matter. The only people who can change your life is God and you.”


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