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Monday Motivation: How to Keep the MAWC 2018 Magic Alive

mawc 2018 magic

The MAWC 2018 magic was epic on so many levels – I’ve loved looking at all of the photos and remembering the ever-lasting memories we created. MAWC 2018 was all about facing your fears and acting on your dreams, now – before they die. Like Fat Joe said in his speech, he’s never felt such a sense of urgency. We have to push towards our ambitions every day to be successful.

Monday Motivation: How to Keep the MAWC 2018 Magic Alive

mawc 2018 magic

#1 Set your goals, now!

We have to set goals so that we know what we are working toward – and to ensure we are on track to succeed. Without goals, we’re merely flying by the seat of our pants, and that’s not a valid strategy. What do you want to achieve by December 2018? Break those big goals into monthly bitesize milestones – map out everything you need to do to accomplish the bigger goals in baby steps. There is nothing more liberating than smashing your goals.

#2 Remind yourself of your ‘why.’

Remind yourself every morning of the ultimate goal(s) you are working towards and why – make sure you’re working towards your goals every single day. Every little step will count!

#3 Use your free time to get ahead.

Your dreams should be so important to you that you don’t care about missing a party tonight. Taking the time to plan ahead will set you up to achieve your dreams faster.


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