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Monday Motivation: How to Keep the MAWC 2019 Magic Alive

MAWC 2019

Every year the Market America Winter Conference continues to build momentum and gets bigger and stronger. I’m blown away by the sheer magnetic energy you all brought to the arena every day, helping make MAWC 2019 the best to date. There is no place I’d have rather been last week than sharing the stage with you all, watching you start bringing your dreams to fruition.

Monday Motivation: How to Keep the MAWC 2019 Magic Alive
1. Retrain your brain.

The way you think and talk about yourself and your goals is everything. Upgrade your mindset to understand that success rarely comes overnight. It takes commitment, hard work, and perseverance. Success is never owned, it’s rented. And the rent’s due every day.

2. Write up your new goals.

What do you want to achieve within the next three months, six months and by the end of 2019 for your business with all of the new knowledge you’ve learned? Write those goals up so that you can start acting on them today.

3. Stay connected.

Keep in touch with all of the likeminded entrepreneurs you met last week. Share your goals, arrange meetups or catch up calls to brainstorm and hold yourself accountable. Don’t let the magic fade away!

What are you acting on right now to keep the magic of MAWC 2019 alive and in the forefront of your mind? Tweet me @lorenridinger.


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