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Monday Motivation: 5 Steps to Finding Your “Why”

Monday Motivation: 5 Steps to Finding Your "Why", why, loren, loren ridinger, Ayden, why, finding your why

Hello, Monday! I’m so ready for this week. After a relaxing weekend, I’m so excited to hit meetings and get to work. JR and I are always going on about focusing on your ever-important “why.” Don’t know what your “why” is? Below, I have a few tips to help you find it! Here’s your Monday Motivation, people. Learn more below.

Monday Motivation: 5 Steps to Finding Your “Why”

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Spend Some Time Alone- When you’re constantly around friends or family, you struggle to spend time meditating on yourself. Spending some time on your own will give you the leeway to focus on yourself and what you want. Meditate on your own for once. Forget the rest of the world and focus on YOU.

Ask Yourself Some Important Questions- I came across these questions on Goalcast, and I found them so helpful. These were the type of questions JR, and I asked ourselves when we first started. Check them out below.

▪ What do you hate about your current job role or career?
▪ Why don’t you do something else?
▪ What does a bad day look like?
▪ What is it you don’t enjoy about your job and why?
▪ What does failure look like beyond the paycheck?
▪ What does real failure feel like for you?

Try Different Things- What are your interests? Try your hand at everything! Get out of your comfort zone and try something. It won’t be easy, but it will get you closer to your why.

Refine Your Priorities- What are you doing that you hate? Stop doing it! We need to prioritize the things we love! Give up those things you hate, people!

Always Ask Why- To help refine your priorities, you need to always ask why. When things come across your plate, question them. Is it that important that you go to this networking event? Does it matter that you skip the gym tonight to head to that new committee at your daughter’s school? This is a way to make choices so you can evaluate where your “why” lies.




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