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Meet Fearless Female, Carmen Ames

Carmen is a one-of-a-kind women and we’re so lucky to have her in the Market America | SHOP family. When we asked Carmen what her “super power” was she enthusiastically answered, “building relationships!” She is motivated daily to keep pushing forward by the life lessons her Mom taught her over the years. Get to know this incredible fearless female below!

How long have you been in a business?

I have owned a Marketing & Advertising business for over 26 years, but most importantly I have been in the Best Business of the My Life, Market America | SHOP for almost 5 years. 

Which market are you from?

I am in the USA Market (Ashburn, Virginia). I specialize in MAWebCenters & Motives Cosmetics & Skincare.

What makes Market America | SHOP.COM unique?

Market America | is unique in many ways, but most importantly it is the people. Everyone helps each other, you do not need to be economically connected, it is “One Team, One Dream!” We do not compete, we cheer each other on, and when someone is down or needs help, we are there to pick them up. 

Our compensation plan is unique and like no other, the training is the best and the company’s ethics are like no other. In addition, because we are a product brokerage company and do not rely on just one product, this allows us to move with the trends and always have the latest market driven products for our customers, which then allows us as owners flexibility to move with the market place and succeed. 

Favorite product to sell and why?

I do not have just one favorite product, because all of our products are amazing, Motives Cosmetics & Skincare, Isotonix Supplements, All Our Own Branded Products, MAWebCenters, TLS Products, DNA Miracles for Children, Layered Jewelry & our Shopping Annuity Brand Products, the list is endless! But most importantly, we have one called “Coming Soon”, because our company continues to look ahead of trends to make certain we always have the best of the best to offer to our customers. 

How did you pivot your business strategy when the pandemic hit?

I had just come back from the Market America World Conference 2020, and I was on fire, so nothing was stopping me. I made commitments to myself at the conference, which my goal was to grow my business to the next level by Market America International Convention 2020 in August. So, I knew I could not let the Pandemic change my “Goals”. I knew by helping others succeed, which was my mission everything would come together, because as we say at Market America, “We Must SUCCEED, So Others Can Realize Their DREAMS! 

My only choice was to “ZOOM”, really not my first choice because I love people, I love to engage with people working one to one and in person, but I knew if I did not embrace “Zoom” I would not achieve my goals. So along with the wonderful “Team ALL IN” and my dear friend, Elizabeth Weber-Walliser, I embraced the world of “ZOOM”! 

Thank goodness, the President of Market America had a vision that we were going to need “Zoom” because at “Market America World Conference 2020”, Marc announced that “Zoom” was a Business Partner, wow how lucky could we all be? So, to answer the question, “How did you pivot your business strategy when the pandemic hit?” I Zoomed to success, my business grew and I had my best year ever in 2020, plus it continues to grow in 2021. Market America made sure we had everything I needed, so there was no reason for me to stop! 

How have you used social and digital to grow your business?

Social Media has helped me to grow my business, by being able to stay in contact with family, friends and associates. It has allowed me to support those who have supported me along the way and vice versa. Social Media has allowed us all to share our success stories, interact in ways we would never be able to without it, especially over the last year. 

What piece of advice would you tell a UFO who is just starting out?

My advice would be to follow the “Getting Started Guide” and to make certain they go to as many different trainings as possible, so they know what Market America truly offers, then implement what they have learned right away. I became knowledgeable in all the divisions, because I never knew who I might meet along the way. I am not saying you have to know everything, I am saying know the basics and go for it. Mistakes will happen, you must learn from them and persevere. I guarantee you, there is not one successful person in the world that did not make a mistake, the difference is the ones that learn from their mistakes and move on to be even better. Go for your DREAMS, because your future is NOW!

Which new product are you most excited to try?

Oh, my there are so many new and amazing products, but I have to say the Lumiere de Vie Overnight Renewal Mask it is fabulous. It leaves your skin feeling so smooth, plus I was amazed at how much better my makeup went on and how my skin was glowing. We truly have the best products on the market! 

How has Loren Ridinger inspired you?

Loren is an incredible and true “Fearless Female”! 

Loren truly changed my life forever, on August 13, 2017 at the Market America International Convention 2017, which I am honored to share.

On August 13, 2017, Loren Ridinger changed my life forever when she stood on stage, speaking to over 25,000 people! She shared life stories, she shared her family, she shared incredible stories of those that overcame life changing events to succeed, but most importantly she talked about “Your Inner Circle” and how it truly makes a difference in who you are and what you do. Loren made me realize that “My Inner Circle” was not what it should be, so that day I made a very important decision, that all negative people in my life were getting removed and I was moving into a new life of positive thoughts, positive family, positive friends and most importantly nothing was changing my brain unless it was POSITIVE! I changed the PROCESS too! No more “I am too BUSY” comments in my life! No more, “I will do it tomorrow” comments & most important my “Inner Circle” was only going to be filled with those that supported me and loved me for who I am and who I was going to be, “The New Carmen”! I will be forever grateful for Loren and this very special day, August 13, 2017! Loren, thank you for changing my life forever!

Are there any other females in the business that inspire you? If so, who and why?

Oh my yes, there are so many that have supported and inspired me along the way, I could write a book called “The Most Inspiring Ladies” but there are 3 that have really made a difference, my “Sister-in-Law”, Laura Ames & my very dear friends Elizabeth Weber-Walliser and Carole Anderson. 

Laura never gave up on me, she knew I was meant for this business, I won’t even share with you how many times I said, “Not Now”. My best day was when I said, “Yes, I will evaluate it” and I have never looked back. She has been a great mentor and a fabulous friend, but sadly she is over 3,000 miles away in Oregon, which at that time made it difficult for me to work with our team, because at that time we were not using Zoom yet.  

So, Elizabeth and Carole took me under their wings. Remember, I said a little earlier that we all help each other whether we are economically connected or not, well I am not connected economically to Elizabeth or Carole. Carole supported an incredible amount in my local area and Elizabeth welcomed me into her Team ALL IN Challenge Group that has been remarkable. I will be forever grateful to all 3 of these ladies, they are beautiful on the inside and out, plus they have huge hearts of gold too.

Additionally, thank you to all the Wonderful Women that have made a difference in my life, they all know who they are too.

 What’s your super power?

My “Super Power” is Building Relationships! I was taught by the most wonderful lady in my life, my “Mom” that you always treat others like you want to be treated and to always remember you have a guardian angel that watches over all you do, so this has stayed with me my whole life. 

To me a “Relationship” is something that you cherish, you must nurture it, love it and most importantly be there during the good times and bad. I love to help people succeed, I feel it is a gift, which I never take for granted. In addition, my Mom taught me that I could do anything I set my mind to and to never give up. When I hear Loren speak, and she says, “You can be anything you want to be and don’t let anyone tell you anything different”, it is like my Mom is sending me a message from Heaven through Loren. So as Winston Churchill once said, “Never, Never, Never Give Up” and I do not!

Thank you for allowing me to share my story, I will be forever grateful to Loren and Market America for changing my life forever!


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