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MAWC 2018: JR’s Epic Closing Speech

mawc 2018

MAWC 2018 is even more special this year because we’re celebrating 25 years of this amazing business. Every year, I’m so proud to sit here and watch another epic presentation from this wonderfully inspiring man I’m lucky enough to call my husband, my best friend and the founder of this incredible machine we all know as Market America.

”We only have so much time here. And we don’t know when it’s going to disappear.”

MAWC 2018: JR’s Epic Closing Speech

mawc 2018

JR is genuinely the most incredible man I’ve ever known. Without him, none of us would be here right now, sitting together in this arena.

”When you decide to do something with your life, you have to do it now.”

When I was 18 years old, as JR spoke about in his speech, he took me to a graveyard. We realized this big dream we had for Market America wouldn’t be easy, and he wanted to show me that we needed to commit. We needed to visualize what was most important to us, and how we wanted our last chapter to read once our time is up. This mindset, he showed me, would help motivate us to overcome even the darkest days.

”Are you living your life to the fullest?”

We went to the graveyard and walked by headstones of people we knew – people who sat and had dinner with us. The saddest part? They let their lives get stuck in a rut – they didn’t know when it was going to end, nor do any of the things they wanted to do. They didn’t accomplish their goals or change other peoples’ lives. When they died, their mundane lives died with them, and everyone forgot about them. Even the people who loved them.

As JR said, you can notice the difference at funerals. The people who changed lives and live life to the fullest leave a beautiful legacy, and their burial is more of a celebration.

”What will your book be about when the last chapter closes?”

JR said so much in his speech that really resonated with me deep down in my soul. I especially loved this point ”On your deathbed, you will want your family around you. And if you instilled inspiration, love, and integrity, you’ll feel better about leaving. I’m going to die; we’re all going to die. What great things will die with you?”

”Everybody dies, but not everybody lives.” 

It was such a weird and sobering moment to act out the grave scene on stage at MAWC 2018. I got quite emotional, because this is a day that will eventually come one day, and it’s terrifying. The idea of being faced with death is a stark reminder we have to keep pushing every single day to leave an incredible legacy behind – to change the world! It doesn’t matter how tired you are. Or how many times you fail. The worst thing you could ever do is let your dreams die with you – that is spiritual suicide. The time for change is now!


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