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Master the Art of Public Speaking in 7 Easy Steps

public speaking

Public speaking is an actual phobia shared by many. And that’s not being dramatic – it’s a genuine, deep-seated fear. If the bright lights and microphone make you squeamish, or if you want to polish your presentation, keep reading for my tricks to master public speaking.

Master the Art of Public Speaking in 7 Easy Steps

public speaking

1. Avoid Cold Water

Ice-cold water constricts your vocal cords. Choose warm water with lemon instead.

2. Nail Your Intro

Your intro is the one part of your presentation you want to know like the back of your hand. The beginning is when you are most likely to trip up, so set a confident tone for the rest of your speech with a solid introduction

3. Watch Comedians

Find your favorite comedians on Netflix or YouTube and watch their videos. Study how they tell stories and captivate their audiences, and mimic their techniques you resonate with when you speak in public. Remember, public speaking is an art, so add some flair to and be sure to have fun with it.

4. Use Stories

Tell stories to form a bond with the audience. People are more likely to remember stories, and therefore remember and relate to the overall message of your speech. This added layer of humanity is essential in imparting a lasting message.

5. Visualize and Manifest Success

Close your eyes the night before your speech and picture yourself in front of the audience giving your speech. Go through every part of your speech and feel yourself in every moment, feeling triumphant, radiant, and on fire. Perform this visualization technique again right before you hit the stage to boost confidence and watch success manifest before your very eyes.

6. Open Your Chest

Allow your body to be open to everyone in the room. Be sure to practice your body language and hand gestures in a mirror before your speech to let yourself adjust as needed.

7. Position Your Body in a Meaningful Way

The way you position your body will help you re-energize and be able to deliver your message the way you intended it to be heard. Choose a confident position but make sure you are comfortable and don’t lock your knees, or you could pass out.

Do you enjoy public speaking? Share your favorite tips with me @lorenridinger.


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