MA25 Power Quotes: Fat Joe

Fat Joe MAWC 2017 Day 1 - Fat Joe on The Andrew Weissman Show

One of the most powerful things about Market America | SHOP.COM is the belief in the power of the entrepreneurial spirit. We really believe in empowering one another. We feel that growing a business takes guidance and mentorship from those who have gone before us and done it well.

Learning from a powerful leader who has been down this path can bring invaluable insight from that individual’s experience. My dear friend and fellow entrepreneur Fat Joe took the stage at the Market America World Conference in Miami earlier this year to discuss this idea.

Fat Joe MAWC 2017 Day 1

MA25 Power Quotes: Fat Joe

“Where else could you go where you have the so-called one percent in America, people who have made up to a million dollars residually, sitting right next to an UnFranchise owner who just got in the business?” he says.

And it’s true. We want everyone to succeed. And one of the best resources for growth is our very own conferences and events. Because when you’re here, you can sit next to someone who’s already been there before you and pick their brain for the secrets to their success. That’s priceless information.

Watch the quick video below to see Fat Joe take on the power of the entrepreneurial spirit at Market America | SHOP.COM. He nails it in this clip.

Will you be attending MAIC 2017 in August? What are you looking forward to the most?



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