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Learn to Earn With the Motives Beauty & Business Academy

There’s nothing like feeding the mind with new knowledge and being open to continuously bettering yourself, your business, and your life. Sharing below an upcoming opportunity to do so through the Motives Beauty & Business Academy.

Do you enjoy working in a B2B space and welcome the challenge of customizing a suite of services to offer traditional business owners? Do you know someone who works in the beauty industry that you think could benefit from additional options for supplemental income?
The Motives Beauty & Business Academy can help you maximize your relationships and business development efforts! It is critical to think and act differently in order to keep clients engaged and stay relevant in the industry.  And whether it’s new products, edgy marketing strategies, or clever business-building initiatives – you know the Motives Team is always coming up with extraordinary ways to empower Beauty Professionals and Entrepreneurs alike.

They’ve worked hard to create content that is timely, impactful, and effective. Check out the agenda and consider investing in not only your financial future but in that of so many others whom you can positively impact as a result.

They will be offering the first of a two-part certification course – the MBBA Virtual Summit – by focusing on their mission with clear communication on why Motives exists and how you can be part of our movement. They’ll offer insight on what makes our exclusive beauty brands and business so unique from everything else out there and discuss the evolution of the beauty industry to understand why we’re perfectly aligned to offer true change. Industry statistics will be shared to offer insight into the economy of the industry and we’ll talk about real-time, real-life scenarios and offer true, viable solutions.  Most importantly, we’ll empower you with guidance on building your confidence and know-how as a consultant, which includes branding yourself and building a network.

Two weeks later we’ll be gathering as a small group in Tampa, Florida, and live streaming the second part of the certification course for those who don’t want to miss out but can’t be there in person. This two-day event is going to be super interactive and productive! They’re offering short instructional segments followed by action items to be completed in small groups. During these breakouts, you’ll be working together to make real progress toward your goals and building confidence in yourself and trust in the process by being a ‘doer’ and not just a ‘thinker’. They’ll break down real-life scenarios, work through case studies as a group and help our industry professionals break through barriers and set them up for lasting success moving forward.


They offer a true partnership with people who are educated on proven solutions, with all of the tools and technology to support the process, and are backed by a company that is full of integrity and has a proven track record of nearly 30 years! This group will be the force behind the scenes, helping each individual business owner’s vision come to fruition.


One of the most important skills to learn (and help bring to fruition with those you partner with) is how to customize the approach and implementation process with a beauty industry professional to make the entire experience an enjoyable success! They will shed some light on what the new reality is looking like for these businesses that are in the process of opening back up so that you are not only empathetic but empowering in the process. We will focus on how we can help the transition seem safe, intentional, and organic (not awkward and uncomfortable!)


Our ability to offer truly exclusive, best-in-class products that will not be undersold on the internet is a freedom anyone can appreciate! Cutting-edge products that include ingredients with clinical studies, backed by an internet brokerage company, means that there is the freedom to custom design product packages that can be integrated as part of the experience during a professional service or even curated as beauty bundles for at-home use. During this summit, you’ll hear from industry professionals who are doing both and they’re sharing all their secrets.


What a unique and powerful opportunity we have to make our clients look and feel beautiful while leveraging the time and talent of a uniquely diversified team. Together, we can all do and be better! We are a community centered around uplifting and encouraging one another, who all share a common thread of focusing on working toward a brighter future.

You can join in on this event by registering here.


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