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How to Evolve from a Solopreneur to a Leader

The majority of entrepreneurs started their business journeys as a solopreneur. It’s exciting to have complete creative control, but eventually, you will need a team if you plan to create an empire. You likely had to perform multiple job roles during your days as a solopreneur, so how do you make the transition to a leader?

1. Appreciate the Opportunity to Let Go

It’s a beautiful place to reach when you realize you need and can afford to hire a team. Take a moment to reflect and be grateful. Many entrepreneurs never make it to this level. Realize it’s the best thing for your business to let go of the reigns a little and bring in a team you trust to help you build your business. Learn the craft of delegation, and appreciate the time it frees up for you to spend on developing your business.

2. Learn the Art of Self-Awareness

Mastering self-awareness allows you to identify your strengths and weaker skillsets. Understanding your weaknesses will enable you to source the right talent with the powers you require. Becoming self-aware aids with competent decision-making and gives you the skills to know when you’re wrong. All of these skills are essential to become a great leader.

3. Hire Intelligently

You can teach new employees skills, but you cannot teach them how to fit in with your culture. Consider the latter carefully when hiring new team members.

4. Give Praise

Give praise where praise is due. The most powerful and successful leaders in the world are those who give their team credit where it’s due. An appreciated workforce is a loyal, happy workforce.

5. Give Clear Expectations

What seems obvious to you may not be evident to your team. Always communicate clear expectations so that you meet your goals and ensure that your team is on the same page.

6. Focus on Growth

Once you have a team, you can focus on growing the business. Trust your judgment and your crew; delegate the menial daily tasks initially, and more significant projects as they find their feet so that you can focus on expanding your enterprise.

How did you slay your transition from solopreneur to a leader? Tweet me @lorenridinger.


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