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How to Become an Engaging Public Speaker

engaging public speaker

Public speaking is an art form. It takes practice to be comfortable in front of a large crowd, but with my public speaking tips, you can make things a little easier for yourself as you grow into your confidence and become an engaging public speaker.

How to Become an Engaging Public Speaker

engaging public speaker

Know Who You Are Speaking To.

Find out as much as you can about the audience before you ever hit the stage. You’ll be able to tailor your message to what they are likely to be interested in hearing.

Prepare the Room but Be Ready for On-The-Fly Adjustments.

Visit the room or arena where you will be speaking, if you can, to get the lay of the land. Make sure the venue has all of the audiovisual elements you need for your speech. Arrive early the day of your presentation to work through any last-minute kinks. Technology is great when it works, but a nightmare when it doesn’t. Be prepared to adjust your speech or setup if things don’t go according to plan. This will make you more comfortable and confident and ensures the message you are sharing doesn’t get lost.

Introduce Yourself and Tell the Audience Who You Are.

Chances are they will already know who you are if they have come to hear you speak, but when you introduce yourself one-on-one to someone, it’s a personal touch that goes a long way and translates well to the big stage.

Have a Conversation.

Make eye contact, speak to people in the audience, and really connect to them. Be warm, open, and relaxed and they will never stop listening to what you have to say.

Rehearse What You Are Going to Say.

The old adage “practice makes perfect” definitely applies in the case of public speaking. Practice, practice and when you think your speech is perfect, practice some more. The more confident you are, the less likely you will get rattled if anything goes awry when you are on stage. This is my #1 tip no matter how good of a public speaker you are or want to become.

I love public speaking and am always picking up new tricks of the trade. What are your favorite tips for speaking confidently in public? Tweet me @lorenridinger.


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