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How to Be Authentic in an Artificial World


To be authentic means representing one’s true nature or beliefs; not copied, but genuine and real. In an increasingly artificial world, people are searching more than ever for authenticity from brands and influencers.

How to Be Authentic in an Artificial World


Thriving brands and tastemakers are achieving success via their unapologetic openness about their imperfections. In a world full of phonies and untrustworthy businesses, our human desire for genuineness spurs us to place trust in, and be inspired by, authenticity.

#1. Don’t follow the norm.

Turn on your internal authenticity meter. Don’t be pressured by societal norms or expectations to do anything, as a business or an influencer, which doesn’t feel real to you.

#2. Have the confidence to be you.

Being authentic requires you channeling your inner confidence to be you, which means not being afraid to speak out about what you believe in, saying no to expectations that do not fit with you or your brand values, and not doing things just to please others.

#3 Be kind. Always.

Leaders and brands who are kind to others develop strong trust and relationships with followers.

#4 Embrace your weaknesses.

Nothing screams authenticity quite like a person who embraces their weaknesses. People love it.


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