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Focus & Go Hard: There’s Still Time to Slay Your 2018 Goals

2018 goals

There are six remaining full weeks in 2018. If you’re starting to panic about having outstanding goals left to accomplish, now is the perfect time to refocus and go hard these last few weeks. Most entrepreneurs will power down for the holidays, but if you push through, it will be so worth it in the new year when you start strong, while everyone else is off to a sluggish start.

Focus & Go Hard: There’s Still Time to Slay Your 2018 Goals

2018 goals

1. Make Sure You Have Your 2018 Goals Written Down.

Write down the ones you’ve already accomplished so that you can feel like a boss striking through them one more time. Then take a look at what’s left. Write those items on a separate, shorter list. Organize the list by how long each one will take to achieve. If there are things on there that you do not feel confident you can make happen in 2018, move them over to your 2019 list. Focus only on what you know you will accomplish in the next six weeks.

2. Strategize About What Needs to Happen. Then Make a Game Plan.

Think about what specifically needs to happen to make each goal a reality in 2018. Do you need to lose two pounds per week for five weeks to go down a total of 10 pounds? If so, how can you reduce your caloric intake and increase your exercise uptake to get you to a two-pound weight loss each week? Be as specific as possible with each goal to make sure you can stick to achieving it. Then, write down what part of each goal you will tackle in each of the remaining six weeks of 2018 to hold yourself even more accountable.

3. Turn Your Goals Into Habits.

According to a story published in Neuron, “habits and goals are stored differently in the human brain….The best way to get your endocannabinoids to help you form a habit is by being consistent.” It takes 21 days to form a habit, so if you can turn one or more of your goals into habits, they’re more likely to stick with you for life, instead of just for the moment. For example, if you want to be more positive, start a new habit of listening to an uplifting podcast, and incorporate that into your daily self-care routine.

What one goal are you dead set about accomplishing in 2018? Tweet me @lorenridinger.


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