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Creative Block: 7 Ways to Get Inspired When You’re Done

creative block

We’ve all heard of writer’s block, but how about the creative block? Some days creativity flows through our veins as if we’re alive with the hustle and bustle of artistic genius, other days, the creative struggle is real.

Creative Block: 7 Ways to Get Inspired When You’re Done

creative block

There are various types of creative block; from the mental block and emotional block where your mind and life circumstances are depleting your creative energy to feelings of overwhelm and communication breakdown which collectively steal your creative mojo.

Fear not. Here are a few foolproof ways to get inspired when you feel done, and blow that creative block right out of your space.

#1. Put Pen To Paper

Use a flow chart or simple notes to get all of your important information and ideas down on paper. When you look at everything together, your eyes and mind will re-connect to encourage ideas and those all-important ‘eureka’ moments.

#2. Research

There is so much information available online. Google the topic you need inspiration for or read a relevant book. Knowledge is power.

#3. Change Of Scenery

Sitting in the same chair looking at the same view won’t rouse you out of your creative coma; it’s time for a change of scenery. Head to your favorite coffee shop or find a cool new place to work from for the rest of the day.

#4. Hit The Gym

A good gym session will help you to feel revitalized, more alert and focused.

#5. Submerge Yourself In Water

Go swimming, take a shower or enjoy a long, luxurious bath. Why? Many entrepreneurs and innovators credit water-time as the origin of many innovative ideas. As your mind and body relax, your problem-solving abilities and creative skills can kick in, allowing you to focus and the ideas to start flowing.

#6. Meditate

Take a meditation or yoga class either at home via YouTube or find a local studio to join.

#7. Brainstorm

Times like this make us realize the importance of including mentors and intelligent creatives in our social circle. Having a trusted source to call and bounce ideas off is a great way to motivate your mind.


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