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Behind the Scenes: MAIC 2016 Rehearsals

MAIC 2016 Loren and Marc at Rehearsal

Welcome to MAIC 2016! For those of you who are attending, are you ready to make life-changing choices?? This is the week where we share all of our cutting edge techniques, business plans, technological advancements, social media tactics, and new product releases. There’s no substitute for showing up and being here to witness progress as it happens.

This event is absolutely essential for budding entrepreneurs who want to make the most of their Market America | SHOP.COM UnFranchise® business. If you’re ready to take serious hold of your financial future, this is where you want to be. But before the magic begins, there is an incredible amount of setup, planning and rehearsal that takes place behind the scenes. Just ahead, take a look behind the curtain as we take you backstage and show you what goes on before the show begins.

Behind the Scenes: MAIC 2016 Rehearsals

SETUP: Ashley Events setting up the Greensboro Coliseum for the week.

SETUP 20160802_185359

SETUP 20160802_185758

SETUP 20160802_190153


MAIC 2016 Behind the Scenes Stage Setup

GETTING GLAM: With my glam squad, Mylo Carrion and Jackie Gomez, in hair and makeup before rehearsals and events.

@mylo.c @jgmakeupxoxo #maic2016

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REHEARSALS: Making sure every last detail is perfect (and having a little fun while we’re at it)!

MAIC 2016 Rehearsals Loren

MAIC 2016 Loren Rehearsal

MAIC 2016 Loren and Marc at Rehearsal

MAIC 2016 Rehearsal Marc and Loren

For those of you can’t be here in person, please follow along on,, and the UnFranchise Blog for daily updates and photos of all the action. For outfit details, head over to

We will also be sharing new product releases for all of the brands, so be sure to keep up with us.

To watch the event LIVE on MeetON, click here to learn more about how to connect with links for each session.


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